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New Styles for Spring
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Flower Power for the Modern Era

Our ‘70s inspired spring collection features casually cool, laid-back looks that will have you feeling fun and free to express your fine self. The on-trend, unisex collection delivers bold color combinations, graphic gradient acetates and funky horn and tortoise patterns – all made with ISCC-certified recycled acetate flake.

Make a Statement

Make a Statement

going greener
New Certified Recycled Acetate

This new collection is a special one to us because it’s our first-ever release made from ISCC-certified recycled content. ISCC is a global independent auditing group that certifies our recycled materials throughout the entire supply chain so you can feel confident you’re making a purchase that truly supports sustainable practices every step of the way. Using ISCC-certified recycled materials enables us to reduce the amount of newly produced plastics and support a circular economy.

Help us Plant Trees!

In celebration of Planet Earth, we are donating 20% of our proceeds from our ‘Liberty’ green color to the National Forest Foundation in support of their reforestation efforts.

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