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Street Styles

Inspired by fashion icons of the 1970s, we took to the streets of NYC, where these trendsetters often frequented, to bring these playful looks to life. From the energetic city streets to the quaint rows of brownstone homes, you'll see subtle nods to the Big Apple throughout the collection. Casually cool and effortlessly chic, these styles will have you feeling fun and free to express your fine self.


20% of sales from Sid in Ginkgo will be donated to Cool Earth to aid in their fight against climate change.

Certified Recycled Acetate

Beginning with new models released in 2022, Paradigm is made using ISCC-certified recycled content. ISCC is a global independent auditing group that certifies our recycled materials throughout the entire supply chain so you can feel confident you’re making a purchase that truly supports sustainable practices every step of the way. Using ISCC-certified recycled materials enables us to reduce the amount of newly produced plastics and support a circular economy.

Bold Moves

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